Fourth Quarter Growth
Our company International Inc sees very bright prospects in Asean, and its revenue in Malaysia may grow by as much as 12.5% this year.

New Inovations
Recent technological advances in the plastics industry have provided us with the opportunity to re-think out current market stradegy.

Quality Control
According to Jim Shoe, our company's logistics manager, providing maintenance or replacement parts to customers in a timely manner is an on-going commitment at our company. The key to customer retention, explains Shoe, is to minimize downtime due to needed replacement parts. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Open House
Hundreds of clients, neighbors, dignitaries, friends and family turned out for our first-ever Open House, held May 1 at the company's new corporate headquarters in Bridgeport. With area media looking on, city officials joined Phil Upp, OurCorp CEO, and Drew Ling, VP for Sales and Marketing, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony officially welcoming us to the community. Visitors were given tours of our new state-of-the-art facilities, including development and customer service centers as well as the technology infrastructure for West Virginia's largest Internet network. Many employees, meanwhile, took the opportunity to show off their new workplace to friends and family members. Visitors enjoyed food and refreshments and a chance to see West Virginia's largest Internet company in action. The Open House was just another way to say thank you to all of the people, both inside the company and out, who have helped make us West Virginia's undisputed leader in products.